redwoods at uc davis arboretum

What is the 加州大学戴维斯植物园?

想想 加州大学戴维斯植物园 作为你伟大的逃亡.

At bb电子糖果派对棋牌网址 you can plan some alone time in your schedule, wandering through the cool redwoods or discovering your own special place to study in one of our shady groves and flower-filled gardens. You can also be very social in our nature preserve: Take selfies with friends and the ducks near Spafford Lake, 和朋友一起慢跑,  野餐, pull together student meetings, take music and art classes, 参加一场民谣音乐会, 看戏.

Think about signing up for 导游导览 to learn more about our flora and fauna. And definitely look into an internship with the 植物园 and Public Garden’s Learning by Leading Program. Here’s where you can learn leadership skills while helping to create a healthier environment and a more sustainable world. Check out these arboretum activities.