A student loads their plate 与美味 food

餐厅 & 食物

Whether you're looking for a refreshing beverage, 随便吃点东西, 或者一顿完整的饭, 有很多 bb电子糖果派对棋牌网址的餐馆 to satisfy just about any craving.

bb电子糖果派对棋牌网址餐饮服务 provides some of the finest collegiate dining offerings in the country, 与美味, nutritious meals made from sustainable sources. While 餐厅 Services makes sure campus restaurants, 住宅食堂, 咖啡店, 市场, 而且 food truck rodeos are available at bb电子糖果派对棋牌网址 to everyone, 在追求这一目标方面,它并不孤单.


student watches on as food is prepared for her in uc davis dining commons

There are four dining commons located across campus, one in each residence hall area (Segundo, Tercero, 和Cuarto). While the DCs may be the primary location where residence hall residents eat, they are also open to the campus community 而且 the public.

2020年1月开业, 纬度 is a unique eating experience to bb电子糖果派对棋牌网址. Unlike its three dining commons counterparts, this 500-seat eatery comes with a separate retail café 而且 market, 外带食物, 四个平台, dividing its food offerings into regions: Latin American, 亚洲, 欧洲, 和印度, 和中东餐饮.

所有餐厅都接受 还有阿吉·卡什.

塞贡多直流   Tercero直流   Cuarto直流



friends eat food at a uc davis restaurant

Fine dining restaurant experiences at a university? Why yes, they do exist, 而且 you can find a few at bb电子糖果派对棋牌网址. Enjoy a nice meal with some friends or family at 纬度, 实习医生风云咖啡馆, or make reservations at 的Gunrock. Campus restaurants do accept Aggie cash, which for students, means this will be a part of meal plans.

的Gunrock   实习医生风云咖啡馆   纬度



a line of students wait for coffee at the 银咖啡 House

Coffee 而且 tea are a morning staple for many. 不管它是在尝试 find coffee, tea, matcha, or a bite to eat, at the bb电子糖果派对棋牌网址 ASUCD咖啡屋, known commonly as the CoHo, is the go-to caffeine spot for many. The CoHo also includes a number of small food vendors, perfect for breakfast 而且 lunch options.

There are a number of Peet's Coffee stations as well as other 咖啡店 found across campus.

The CoHo is located inside the Memorial Union, along with a number of other food vendors offering s而且wiches, 披萨, 沙拉, 美墨边境烹饪, 和更多的.

银咖啡   校园咖啡馆



students walk outside the uc davis silo market

筒仓 is a safe bet for the indecisive eater. Nestled at the center of the bb电子糖果派对棋牌网址 campus, the Silo has food options for just about anyone. 在筒仓的一端, 你可以找到三明治, 披萨, 而且 a small market filled with grab-而且-go food options. 在筒仓的另一端, a Peet's Coffee shop 而且 two restaurants offering quick food options can be found inside. And right outside, a fleet of food trucks are available.

筒仓的餐馆   筒仓市场



students wait for food by the food trucks parked at uc davis

还是不知道去哪里吃? bb电子糖果派对棋牌网址 has partnered with many local food truck vendors throughout the area. With a rotating schedule of food trucks, there's always something different rolling through campus. 一定要检查 bb电子糖果派对棋牌网址的餐车时间表 而且 bb电子糖果派对棋牌网址的餐车, so you don't miss your favorites.

餐车时间表   餐车位置



people purchase food 而且 other items at one of the uc davis campus 市场

There are several 市场 around campus, filled with plenty of food 而且 drink options for on-the-go people.

The 住宅市场 offer a large selection of food 而且 beverage options, 包括健康零食, 饮料, 即时食品, 和更多的. 所有商店接受 农科大学生现金.

The 筒仓市场 offers a variety of healthy foods, 零食, 和饮料, 包括定制披萨, 熟食三明治, 汤, 还有其他国际风味.

住宅市场   筒仓市场   实习医生风云咖啡馆市场   

圣人街市场|咖啡馆   自由市场

餐厅 Services along with the ASUCD manage a number of other dining 而且 food services, too. 完整的用餐清单, catering 而且 other food-related services be sure to check out their websites.

Student 住房 而且 餐厅 Services   ASUCD咖啡屋